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Enterprise search

Use search as a competitive advantage

Imagine a battle between two opponents. One has muscles, the other has muscles and the knowledge of 5000 people. Who do you think will win?

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How much knowledge does each employee have stored only locally on their computer? How many relevant discussions are hidden in email threads you aren’t a member of? How many FTEs could you save in addressing these issues?

Comperio has created Enterprise Search solutions for many years. They give employees the ability to search their companies’ entire knowledge base including documents, forums, CVs, profiles emails and so forth. We use advanced search technology to find content, understand it and present it a user friendly and simple manner.

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Search based applications

Use search for Big Data and Business Intelligence

See large data volumes as an opportunity to run a more profitable enterprise, to understand more about your business and the chance to find answers to complex questions.

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Yes, Big data is a Buzzword. But it is a phenomena we have related to long before it became well known.We love large data volumes, as they give us opportunities to make your enterprises more self conscious and successful.

We use advanced search technology, like Hadoop for example, to collect, analyse and present Big Data.

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Search driven websites

Use search to create vibrant and dynamic websites

How often have you changed your website’s CMS? How many times have you gotten advice from designers to start from scratch with a blank page?

Using advanced search technology to create dynamic page templates and a site that adapts to each individual visitor, you get new dynamic websites that can easily be adapted and changed – without needing to delete anything or sign yet another contract for any publishing system.

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In a way we could say that we cover all your content with a sheet and only reveal the parts relevant to each individual visitor to your website. As a result, your customers get more relevant web pages, which adhere to their desired topic and nothing else.

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Customer examples

  • Ericsson
  • Sintef
  • Sandvik
  • Gyldendal
  • AkerSolutions
  • Preem