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How Comperio works


Every project at Comperio starts by understanding your business before delving into the problems and opportunities it faces. We know search and you know a lot about your own work and organisation. Therefore, we use the first phase of a project to better understand your needs. We do this with workshops, user interviews and technical investigations.

More about consulting at Comperio

Comperio has become well known for its project methodology; Sprint 0, a pre-project sprint to understand the project itself and to therefore give better informed and more realistic estimates and advice for the rest of the project.

In Sprint 0 you, our consultants work to find out what you do and do not need and which part of the project will give you the quickest results.

Comperio has many years experience with consulting so we know how to create great value for your business. We know all search technologies well and can often give you advice before you have even chosen your desired search technology. Our best and most satisfied customers are those we worked most closely with and dared to challenge. With Comperians on a project you never get consultants telling you what they think you want to hear. We are honest and fearless with our opinions of our own industry and expertise such that you will always get a solution you can be proud of, which gives your great results that we can show to the rest of the world together.

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Comperio has a unique collection of search engineers: search practitioners who never cease to explore, test and experiment with search technologies to stay two steps ahead of the rest of world and search engineers used to developing exceptional solutions in Agile projects.

More on development at Comperio          

It is not without reason that Comperio developers receive daily job offers from world renowned consultancy and search companies. Comperio is a greenhouse for search technology brains where developers learn from each other, challenge customers and create solutions well above par.

Our engineers have extensive experience with most search technologies and have delivered scalable solutions on all major platforms. We are also proud that several Comperians are active bloggers and contributors in forums around the web world.

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Search needs to be fresh and dynamic. As a result, we need talented and dynamic people who ensure that your solution is always up and running, that it adapts to changes and notifies you when something is amiss. Governance also of course concerns servers and general hardware, but perhaps even more so about the craft and ability to predict events.

More about governance at Comperio

Comperio’s most satisfied customers are our total customers who use us as total suppliers from A to Z. The last and most important delivery is governance, to which we have devoted time and money to ensure our solutions have a level of quality and longevity you can be proud about.

We have customer specific dashboards, email notifications and 24 hour customer service, cloud computing and everything else you should expect from an award winning service provider.

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